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About Us



The Dream Bar is more than just a skin care brand. The Dream Bar is about survival, purpose, and helping others. When The Dream Bar was shown to me in a dream, I knew that it was more than just starting a company to have a second income. It was about me being obedient and walking in my purpose. Mental health is something that I have always struggled with and in 2020, that was the first year I decided to be proactive and fight through the depression, anxiety, and everything in between. Self care became a necessity and I even began to call myself names like “The Wellness Wonder Woman”. I became more disciplined in my skin care regimen because taking care of my physical body helped me to feel better mentally. When I started making products for myself, that’s when the dream started to come to life. My hope is that every customer of The Dream Bar is able to find healing, better health, and purpose in using our products. We hope our products will shine in your skin care bags and closets and that you will trust us to always provide quality products, using rich ingredients from the Earth. With every drop, we hope to turn your skin care dreams into reality!
Kiana Shanelle, CEO The Dream Bar 

Kiana Shanelle is a 25 year old multi-passionate entrepreneur residing in Tennessee. She graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2019 with a degree in Child and Family Studies. She hopes to continue using her platform to expand the conversation about wellness and mental health in the black community.